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Why sell on Lazada?

1. It’s unbelievably easy! The Lazada mobile app lets you sell and run your business from anywhere anytime,
The sign-up process is so simple you can be making your first sale in minutes

2. You earn more with us! Your goods get maximum exposure with Lazada, the largest e-shopping portal in Southeast Asia.
You get more cash in your sale with 0% commission. And We run well-known mega sale campaigns throughout the year
including the Birthday Festival and highly-anticipated 11.11 about 50,000 local marketplace sellers saw massive sales
increases during last year’s (2019) 11.11 mega-sale

3. We help you sell better! With Business Advisor, you get access to real-time unique data for gaining deeper consumer insights.
You can continuously update your knowledge with Lazada University’s new Learning Management System (LMS), a dedicated portal
which offers a wide range of tutorials, videos and webinars on topics ranging from pricing strategies to content creation and more!

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Terms and Conditions for New Seller Packages, September 2021

1). 0% Payment Fees for 30 days

1. For new seller who have not previously operated on Lazada and must open a shop in the form of an individual

From 1 - 30 September 2021 (reserved for Thai citizens only).

2. Seller must apply and receive documents approval within the month of application only.

2). 40 baht discount on Shipping fee Customers can choose to use :

1. Normal : 20 bath discount when have minimum purchase 49 bath and 40 bath discount when have minimum purchase 99 bath

2. Campaign : more 30 bath discount add on when minimum order 2 items or 99 bath

calculated with other stores as well. The calculation will be in accordance with Lazada's terms and conditions only.

3). Seller voucher subsidy up to 50% discount, no minimum or 120 baht discount

for products priced at 400 baht or more, only for stores that opened in Lazada within 30 days after sign up

and have at least 10 purchasable items.

4). The store will receive a store assistant to support for 30 days, if following this conditions:

1. Have a store rating of more than 80%

2. Have a ship-on-time delivery rating of more than 70%

3. Have a cancellation rate of less than 7%

4. have at least 10 purchasable items.

5). Lazadahelps Thai campaign for new sellers under 90 days from 16 - 20 September 2021.

1. Have a store rating of more than 70% or no rating

2. There is a cancellation rate of less than 5% or no cancellation rate

3. Have more than 65% on-time delivery score or no on-time delivery score

4. Have a Seller Requirement Score for Policy Violation less than